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Our Wellness Community (OWC) was brought to life in July 2018 and since then we have grown rapidly from 250 members to almost 1200! Yes, it’s a fast growing space. We believe that’s because we are building a community that truly connects, supports, unites and inspires people.

Here’s some of our frequently held and well attended wellness initiatives.

Wine & Wellness Evenings (real-life monthly event)

Wellness Conversations (Casey Radio 97.7FM, Spotify, & SED Facebook Page)

Wellness Talks – Day Retreats (real-life quarterly event)

Future Me 2020 (real-life annual event)

Wellness News (LIVE online in OWC every Monday morning)

Our Marketing Pack

This pack is perfect for both new & established wellness business seeking marketing partners and an additional online space to show & share your wares, and tell & spruik your services. We also offer additional promotional opportunities in other growing spaces we are cultivating on Facebook, such as Marketplace, Future Me 2020, and in our online Holistic & Alternative Expo Booth on Spiritual Events Directory Page.

Michele Scott has supported my business exposure in so many ways through workshops, online presence , attending and speaking at various events as well as website marketing as well as radio . I truly enjoy the community and look forward to being a contributor over the coming year . If you are after a community that helps you grow and offers all those little things that are truly hard to find I would strong recommend you join and become a part . We are all individuals and this platform will help you shine in your own light !

Karina Francois Naturopath, Infinite Health Practice

Our Healers Pack

This pack is perfect for new & established wellness business looking to level up! Our Healers Pack is designed for you to be seen and heard, like never been before, and to also be supported in any new initiatives, events, or endeavours you may not have undertaken on your own. You join a community of Healers to belong to and be supported by. 

You gain access to all the features & benefits of our Marketing Pack plus:

*Keynote Speaker opportunities at all of the above wellness events, 

*Guest Speaker on Casey Radio 97.7FM & SED ‘The Woo Woo Show’

*Facilitate workshops & events in our Virtual Retreat Room

*And be booked & paid as a Speaker in real life at one of our Wellness Talks!

Our Events Partner Pack

This pack is perfect for established wellness business owners looking to partner up with another well-established and growing community to grow even bigger in the wellness industry and be more well known. 

You gain access to all the features & benefits of:

*Marketing Pack

*Healers Pack 

*Plus become an official Sponsor of our Wellness Conversations show,

*And get first dibs and unlimited access to many opportunities to partner up and Speak, Teach, Heal and Sell through OWC.

When you subscribe and come on board as a Wellness Collaborator with OWC you are inducted into a tribe of purposeful, passionate, and inspired women. Women like you. Women with a gift, talent, knowledge and experience in their chosen fields who want to be seen, or want to be more seen on the stage of life and in the bigger wider world. And, that’s where we can help you.

*We want you to be seen and heard. 

*We want you to spread your wellness message far and wide.

*We want you to succeed.

Not ready to subscribe but want to contribute in OWC? Email Michele

As a collaborator with Our Wellness community I have found a wonderful platform to share my work and create amazing connections with other OWC collaborators. I have been able to grow my reach through the many areas that Michele offers, Radio and online interviews, speaking and running workshops. There is never a shortage of ways that I can grow my business and skills. Michele is such a vibrant and supportive leader, that attracts like minded business women of whom I've been able to create wonderful connections with, both personally and professionally. At every event there is a joyful energy, the laughter is always in abundance. Our Wellness Community is a safe and loving space at any level, attendee or collaborator that always holds such a high value. FINALLY.....thanks for your patience!!!
Ema Muir
Unique Phoenix