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Wine & Wellness Evening


Are you still stuck in Covid times?

Allowed out but still feeling isolated, restricted, and loss of freedom?

Guess what?

Wine & Wellness Evenings are back!


You’ll be sorry if you miss this one!

**Women connecting with women,

**Raising our vibration …

**So we can attract where we are at (better than ever).

“Some people will evolve with us, and some won’t. If we want to reach higher, we have to allow this growth to occur – for the best for all parties.” ― Caroline A. Shearer

Ready to raise your vibration and get real high beauties? Book your spot. Seats are limited.

Next Event: Friday, 27th May, 2022

Numerology Readings

With decades of experience as a Numerologist under her belt, Michele helps clients figure out the answers to the same questions she asked herself as a teenager. “Who am I?” “What is my purpose?” “Why am I here?”
…Discover your strengths & passion in life
…Discover your Purpose & Life Path and be given the guidance & hopefulness you need when you have lost your way
…Discover how to overcome your Challenges and work through Karmic Lessons & Past Life Fears

Wellness Circles - Online

Held bi-monthly, our online wellness circles are further opportunities for women to gather & share their experiences, and to receive in return insights, information, and tools to be better & do better in life.
*Gifted Healers & Teachers
*Intuitive Readings & Soul Coaching
*Tools & Strategies for Life Improvement & Self Development!
Stay tuned for next invite & date to be announced soon.

Spiritual Discovery Journal

A journal lovingly created by 12 inspirational leaders.  Each month they will use their own unique spiritual modality to introduce you to methods of guided journaling. Join them on a journey to discover your own spiritual gifts, awaken your mind, expand your life and inspire your heart & soul.

Online Wellness 'Crystal' Circle

Human beings have been fascinated with crystals since the beginning of time, and in our modern day and age many of us are returning to crystals to enhance our gifts or for spiritual healing.

When? Tuesday, 22 06 21
Time? 7.00pm
Cost? $39

Our online Wellness Circles are an opportunity for those who can’t connect with us in real life to join us in the zoom zoom space.