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Wine & Wellness Evening

‘Change, Change, Change’ Wine & Wellness Evening

Friday, 26/02/21 at 7 PM

Numerology Self Development Classes/ Courses etc.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 7:30 PM

Pay-as-you-go Single Numerology Self Development Class: $35

Subscribe to Numerology Self Development Course: $120/mth (includes complimentary Numerology Reading/Report each month)

Seekerz! Soul Circle

An evening for women to gather, soul to soul, and share in the experiences of:
*Heart Wall Healings
*Channelled Readings
*Creating & refining your DSP! (Daily Spiritual & Self Love Practice)
*Working with the Elements
Plus: many other spiritual wellness tools to add to your ‘thrive toolbox’!

Spiritual Discovery Journal

A journal lovingly created by 12 inspirational leaders.  Each month they will use their own unique spiritual modality to introduce you to methods of guided journaling. Join them on a journey to discover your own spiritual gifts, awaken your mind, expand your life and inspire your heart & soul.