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OptiMystic Xzavia

Intuitive Coach, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor Optimystic Xzavia


Photo of OptiMystic Xzavia

OptiMystic Xzavia is here to be of service to as many souls as she can in this life. Assisting you to reach your highest potential & LOVE Life, Xzavia’s passion is to work with your higher self and your spirit guides to help make YOUR life work for You!

“Everyone’s journey is as unique as they are themselves.”

Xzavia recommends booking an ‘Intuitive healing’ when you aren’t sure what you need as your higher self will guide Xzavia during your session.

Xzavia’s top 5-strengths:
*Past Life & Theta healing and release
*Inner God/ess work for singles and couples.
*Working on self love and sexual confidence.
*Healing from Addictions and,
*Manifesting the life you want


Xzavia is also a Founder Member of Nutonic Health & Wellness, a range of products for the seekers, the nature lovers, the ones that believe in holistic health, and those who love crystal energy and natural beauty and are conscious of what they put on, in and around their body.

OptiMystic Wellness:


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