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Emily Pettigrew

Natural Energies Practitioner – Reiki & Seichim Master, NLP & Matrix Therapies Practitioner All Things Divine


Photo of Emily Pettigrew

From handcrafted crystal and gemstone Jewellery and Vibrational Energy Mists to Reiki & Seichim Practitioner and Master trainings, workshops and mentoring, Emily’s aim through her products and services is to rebalance, realign and reconnect with all aspects of Self and remember who we are and what we are capable of.

“My passion is about reconnection and trusting in the Self, spiritual and personal growth and empowerment so that we can come back to love, respect and understanding, not only for ourselves, others as well and how we interact with the world around us.’ Emily, owner All Things Divine.”

Emily has a thirst for personal and spiritual development and loves being a student of the World!

Think Divine. Feel Divine. Be Divine.


Emily, our Inner Peace Warrior also offers stunning handcrafted crystal and gemstone Jewellery as well as Vibrational Energy Mists, Reiki & Seichim Practitioner and Master trainings, workshops and mentoring.


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