Our Vision


Our Wellness Community motto for 2020 is “bringing people together and bringing out the best in them”, and this motto is the perfect pathway for our online wellness centre and underpins everything we create, attract, and choose to collaborate on.

Our beginning aspiration in 2018 was to build a platform for wellness in body, mind, heart & soul, a virtual & real life stage for all our wellness experts and enthusiasts, to be seen and heard, and we haven’t wavered from our original aim.

It’s all about people and a sacred space to gather, to connect, and to belong.

We hold space for Teachers & Learners, Leaders and Followers, Discoverers & Seekers, and our fast growing wellness community is a contribution to a new way of being in the world and a never ending cycle of giving and receiving, healing and being healed.

We thrive on innovation and always venture to bring to life events and conversations that aren’t being seen or heard anywhere else. We often referred to and spoken about as trailblazers!

And our vision includes having fun! We mix together purpose & passion, dedication & drive, with a tonne of fun and laughter to walk our wellness path with joy and authenticity, and particularly to the beat of our own drum.

Light, Love, Laughter,
Michele …
Founder of OWC

About Our Founder

Michele Scott is the Founder of Our Wellness Community and also a Meditation Teacher, Mindset Coach & Numerologist. Michele creates relationships with her clients to help them figure out the answers to the same questions she asked herself as a teenager. “Who am I?”. “What is my purpose?” “Why am I here?”

After spending a couple of decades in the personal development and life coaching field Michele knows what builds lasting happiness – “and it’s not found in what we do, or in how we look and what we own,” Michele says. “It’s about your inner world and a self-appreciating relationship that goes up in value. When you know, understand and believe in yourself, you fall into grace and ease and truly begin to walk the path that has been carved out especially for you.”

Michele is also a Radio Talk Show Host presenting Wellness Conversations on Casey Radio 97.7FM & ‘the Woo Woo Series’ on Facebook at Spiritual Events Directory Page,

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