The Magic of Believing

A Business Mentoring Program

To Raise Your Profile, Grow Your Community & Discover how to Prosper in Your Business Through Purpose, Passion, & Authenticity

The Magic of Believing is a 12-week Biz Mentoring Program that takes you on a journey like no other. Where most mentoring or coaching programs give you the theory and teach you how to achieve success in your business, leaving you to practice on your own, we have built a ‘hands-on’ arena that allows you to just do it ladies! You can immediately step us as a Speaker, Healer, Teacher or Coach in OWC through our unique mentoring program and begin to raise your profile and grow your community.

We believe this sets OWC and our business mentoring program apart from the rest of the pack.

It’s not enough to know your Purpose,

It’s not enough to be gifted at it,

It’s not enough to have the drive and dedication to work at it …

But, these are the steps that are get you started and keep you going!

This program is for you ladies if you want to build your own business yet have no idea what your Purpose is or what you are gifted at or passionate about?

A successful business also needs:

The Big Vision stuff

The Branding stuff

The Products & Services stuff

Community & Collaboration stuff…

This program is for you ladies if you have already started your own business but some stuff is not sorted yet and clearly holding you back from your success stuff.

And the biggest blocks in your business success that this program can help you breakdown and break through may be…

The Money stuff

The Social Media stuff

The Sales & Marketing stuff

The Magic of Believing

The Magic of Believing business mentoring program is personally tailored to your story, your message, and your business vision. At the core of this program though is your belief system, which we will identify, makeover and realign so it supports your success instead of sabotaging it.

Mindset is a powerful thing; because our thinking impacts how we feel, what we do, and ultimately what we have in life. If you have all the other stuff ladies but still struggle to believe in yourself and your business, then this program is definitely for you.

What about promoting yourself?

A lot of gifted, experienced, and knowledgeable business owners are proficient at ‘working with their clients’ but inefficient at show and tell and spruiking their awesome business and their amazing selves. If you too struggle to promote yourself then this is program might be for you.

Ladies, Here’s how we extend your reach, improve your engagement and promote you and your business:

  • We introduce you into OWC – our fast growing wellness community,
  • We market & promote your business in here …
  • We get you on the radio and/or on our online show,
  • We invite you onto the stage at one of our fabulous events
  • We put you in touch with our ‘work with us’ team for support & collaboration 
  • And feature you on our website for the time & length of the mentoring program.


I’ve taken hundreds of clients on their self-life and personal development journey to uncover, discover, and recover the person they were born to be. And following this,  they have grown better in their relationships, their careers and business, and most importantly in their relationships with themselves.

I have always been passionate about helping, supporting, and connecting with others for the greater good, and I have an innate ability to see where you are at and know how to get you to exactly where you want to be.

This is a one-of-a-kind tailored mentoring program for leaders and business owners who have a story to tell and want to make some impact in the world somehow.

 I have drawn upon this gift as the eldest in my family, as a PA and Office Manager, and also in my role as a Sales Team Manager at Telstra Corporation. I have extensive experience in Leadership ladies and it has led me to the helm of a fabulous and fast growing community, and through this incarnation I am now helping many other Leading Experts in their field to grow their communities too.

And ladies I am also a Numerologist!

Another unique aspect of The Magic of Believing business mentoring program also a comprehensive Numerology Reading for You and a Numerology Reading for your Business Name. Numerology is an intuitive and insightful tool and these assessments will guide and complement other aspects of the program and take us to the core of who you are and the path you are here to traverse in this lifetime.

So ladies, let’s wind it up and recap how this mentoring program can help you:

  • Discover or fine tune your Purpose
  • Develop your foundations & stuff in business
  • Hone in & learn how to harness the power of your story
  • Tailor your branding & marketing to suit your story & your message
  • Confront limiting beliefs so your community and your business expands
  • Find your authentic voice & step onto the stage to be seen and heard!
  • Level up to confidence, self-belief and public speaking with ease & joy,
  • and learn how to receive money, appreciation, and all the success you have earned & deserve.

How does that sound?

Investment: $1,437

(includes in-depth Numerology Readings valued at $288 plus features & benefits of Collaborator Packs valued at $169)

I have been on this amazing journey of self discovery and last year l decided to leave the corporate world to follow my dreams. l have a good business head but knew deep down l needed help overcoming the negative behaviours that stopped me from growing and sabotaging my success. I have been a member of the wellness community for some time and saw that Michele was doing Biz Mentoring and l knew she was the one to help me grow my business and get to the core of what is holding me back. I believe that we need to overcome the inner demons to flourish in mind body and spirit and Michele through her numerology, experience and her healing abilities, gave me exercises, meditations, affirmations and other tools to help me to grown within. I am more confident and trusting in the universe and l have broken down many negative barriers and my business is growing from strength to strength, as am l, every day. Thank you Michele for your support and encouragement

Jodie Baker