Numerology Readings

With Leading Expert Michele Scott


You can have ‘the looks’, ‘the nice things’, and all ‘the money’ in the world but if you lack self-belief and deep down feel that your life has no real meaning, then at some stage you will begin to experience dissatisfaction, discontent, and depression.

Is it time to remove the mask?

Is it time to uncover the real you?

Is it time to learn & real-eyes who you are and why you are here?

Numerology can lend you a helping hand.

Numerology is a spiritual modality, and provides you with the lens to see deep into your soul and truly understand the long rhythms and many lifetimes you have accrued already, and what you are meant to be doing with that soulful knowledge now.

A Numerology Reading or spiritual coaching session can:

Help you discover your strengths & passion in life

Reveal your Purpose & Life Path and provides guidance & hopefulness when you have lost your way

Show you how to overcome your Challenges and work through Karmic Lessons & Past Life Fears

Shine the light on 9-Key Areas of your life and presents you with many fundamental well-being skills & coping tools

Teach you the value and advantages of your life cycles and how to maximise the opportunities to grow better during those times

Instruct you on how to become your own best friend

Your Numerology Profile has everything you need to know and understand about yourself in all sorts of life-enriching ways.

The Core Numbers & 9-Key Aspects of Self take you on an inner journey:

Teaches you Self Belief & how to become more Independent

Teaches you Self Love & leads to improvements in Romance & Relationships

Teaches you Self Expression & enriches your Social Life

Teaches you Self Discipline & benefits your Health & Wellbeing

Teaches you Self Discovery & prepares you for Change, Travel/Adventure

Teaches you Self Acceptance & brings peace to your Family Life

Teaches you Self Awareness & deepens your Spiritual Connection

Teaches you Self Empowerment & enhances Career/Money

Teaches you Selflessness, and clears the path to Altruism & Charity


I have been studying & practising this ancient and insightful art since 2003.

It’s helped me to be better in life and now it’s a tool that I can use to help others be better too.

I have changed the lives of many people by helping them to better understand themselves and their life cycles.


Shows you who you are

Where you are meant to be

Why you are here

What you need to leave behind

And, what you are here to adopt & learn in this lifetime to evolve, overcome & conquer

It’s always spot on!

Wow! I am blown away by your reading yesterday. Every single thing you said made perfect sense and was me to a tea! A lot of things make so much sense to me and how to move forward. You have inspired and motivated me to move forward with my business that I have been 'stuck' with for nearly 2 years because of my low self esteem and not believing in myself. Definitely time to do a vision board! Thank you so much for your insight into 'past lives' all makes so much sense! I am so excited to get started again and get out of my rut. Thanks again!

Kelley Mawdsley

Hi Michele, I have just finished listening to my numerology reading that you did for me, it has taken me a few days to be able to listen to the lot but I believe that I would have missed some of the information if I listened to it all at once earlier in the week. Tonight I listened to it all and had a pen and paper with me during the reading to write stuff down.. I found the reading amazing and it all resonates so well with me and I feel that it's just so spot on, it makes so much sense and it helps me to understand myself so much more, I can't wait to learn so much more to get a really good understanding of myself.. I feel like I have just been given most of the answers that I have been searching for for so long, I feel relieved that I know what my next step is, and that is focusing on my inner self and inner world.. I can't thank you enough for it and for the guidance you gave me and I really appreciate that you took the time to explain things more to me during the reading. I really can't wait to learn so much from you Michele. Have a great weekend xx

Kerry Anne

That's okay! Thank you so much Michele, I've listened to it twice today!! I love it. I feel like everything you said was exactly right for me, & I felt like I could relate to your son, we have similar traits! I was hoping you could possibly send me the Meditation of letting go & also the Dream Vision Board PDF if possible please, I'm very interested in them both & feel like they could both help me immensely. I've also written my list of my best fit guy & affirmations to go with it as well. Hopefully I'm on the right track!

Denna Healy

Wow I’ve just listened to my reading and it was really very accurate. When you spoke the words " I’m still standing" by Elton John I laughed so much as this song was one of my mums favourites and my sisters and I thought about having it played at her funeral but decided it was probably bad taste..haha! Interesting though, my youngest son also loves it but he wasn't born when she died and I took him to see the movie " Sing" on Thursday and it's in that movie and he said " I love this song

Carly Sinclair


Numerology Reading (Recorded) – $129 (Christmas Special $99)

Numerology Reading (Face-To-Face via Zoom)- $159 (Christmas Special $129)

Positive Psychology Coaching & Counselling – $189